Why Grad Students Are Moving to Shadyside


1. It has a Network of Award-Winning Schools

With world-class universities like Carnegie Mellon, Chatham, The University of Pittsburgh, and Carlow all a few minutes away from one another, Shadyside makes it easy for grad students to explore social avenues via short bus rides or walks.

Shadyside offers a graduate experience like no other. Welcoming students, professionals, and families alike, it’s so much more than a college town — it’s an interconnected, academic-minded neighborhood with a wealth of activities throughout the day and into the evening. And, speaking of activities…

2. Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Events are Endless

Shadyside’s major thoroughfares — Walnut Street, South Highland Avenue, and Ellsworth Avenue — are brimming with unique places to visit. Surrounded by whimsical gift shops, high-end boutiques, vintage stores, art galleries, and more shops to adore, Shadyside residents never have a boring afternoon.

And, when grad students have closed their books for the day, they can head out to enjoy Shadyside’s bustling bistros, cool cafés, pubs, and restaurants worth raving about! Learn more about Shadyside’s must-see destinations here.

3. Its Apartments, Condos, and Homes Are Stunning

The history and unique architecture of Shadyside residences is simply unparalleled. Only minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and all within close walking distance to primary public transit lines, Shadyside apartments allow access to the best Pittsburgh has to offer.

Victorian homes intermix with apartments and condominium buildings full of hardwood floors. All these residences — brimming with old-fashioned architectural character — are woven together on Shadyside’s tree-lined streets, creating a beautiful neighborhood that more grad students are calling home each day.

4. Its Parks Offer Serene Study Breaks

Grad students have important work to do, but they certainly need a break every now and then, right? Luckily, they can take a stroll in Mellon Park that’s as pretty as it is peaceful. Rich in history and nestled in the heart of Shadyside, Mellon Park’s stunning Walled Garden has become a beloved community gathering place.

Schenley Plaza, located just blocks away from Shadyside, offers a similarly vibrant green space, and hosts public gatherings, entertainment, and outdoor events to hundreds of thousands each year.

5. It’s Got The Pittsburgh Effect

Last, but certainly not least, comes a phenomenon unique to Pittsburgh neighborhoods like Shadyside. Grad students can often find themselves feeling out of place as transplants in a new city. In Shadyside, however, small-town vibes offer encouraging comfort in the midst of a dynamic city setting.

Pittsburgh’s uniqueness keeps things interesting, and its tight-knit neighborhoods keep it feeling like home.

As young Pittsburghers told The Atlantic: “It’s much easier to connect with people here than it is in other cities. In many ways it’s like a small village. It’s easier than in other places to meet people who are interested in similar things, to get patched into networks that help you achieve your goals…there’s a small-town feel here.”