Matched with University of Pittsburgh Medical School? Move to Shadyside.

Match Day 2017 kicked off just hours ago. Thousands of soon-to-be-graduates learned where they’ll be completing their medical residency. Are you one of the lucky ones chosen to begin your residency at the University of Pittsburgh?

If so: congratulations on your enormous success! Once you’ve finished celebrating, it’s best if you start looking for housing sooner, rather than later. After all, nothing could be more stressful than trying to tackle medical school in a new city while scrambling to find housing, right?

Shadyside has certainly become a popular place for grad students to live in Pittsburgh. What you may not know, however, is that Shadyside is the place to live for Pitt medical students. Here’s why.

Transportation is simple as can be.

Moving to a new city often means new modes of transportation. Maybe you won’t be bringing a car with you, or perhaps street parking’s not your thing. Whatever the case, you’ll find that getting to and from Shadyside is as easy as that chem 101 class you aced in undergrad.

Free campus shuttles run throughout Oakland, which is just a few streets away from the heart of Shadyside. With your Panther Card, you can also ride fare-free on all Port Authority buses. And, if you’re working late in the lab and you need a way home, SafeRider will pick you up and drive you to your doorstep.

It’s home to the best study spots in the ‘Burgh.

We’re almost positive you already know how to study smart. How else would you have been matched with one of the top 20 medical schools in the U.S.?

Even with polished studying skills, ideal learning environments are essential to your success. In Shadyside, you’ll find perfect study spots in spades. Want to escape into Gothic-inspired architecture and Harry Potter vibes while you cram for exams? Head to the Cathedral of Learning. Seeking ultra-quiet environments and cozy studying nooks? Beeline to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, located mere blocks away from Shadyside!

No matter your test-prep preferences, you’ll be surrounded by ideal learning locations year-round.

When it comes to nightlife, Shadyside’s got the best of both worlds.

You know better than anyone: now that you’re starting your medical residency, wild nights on the town will likely take the back burner. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have easy access to Pittsburgh’s best destinations, however!

Oakland, where University of Pittsburgh’s Medical Center resides, is often bustling with undergraduate activity. (Think 21st-birthday-friendly bars, outdoor concerts, and house parties.) Not exactly conducive to early mornings at the hospital or USMLE exams, is it? Shadyside masters the delicate balance between quiet neighborhood respites and exciting entertainment.

Think of Shadyside as the crossroads of Pittsburgh’s East End. Living in a community nestled between Lawrenceville, East Liberty, Oakland, and Squirrel Hill, you’ll have access to the award-winning bars and restaurants that put Pittsburgh on the map. And, best of all? You’ll also have immediate access to Mellon Park, Schenley Plaza, Flagstaff Hill, Ellsworth Avenue, and more of the peaceful parks and neighborhoods that make Shadyside so serene.

Now, that’s what we call a win-win-win.